Sunday, November 16, 2008

About My Blog

Hey everybody
I'm going to tell you a little bit about my blog...
Currently on the right hand side:
Followers-if you would like to watch and know when I update Smudge & Things but don't think you'll remember to keep coming back, you can follow this blog. That way, whenever I update it, you'll know about it! Also if you do follow my blog, please do it publicly so I know who's following my blog!
Thanksgiving Countdown-the title says it all! It's a countdown to Thanksgiving I got at
Random Question- All it'll be is a random question that I'm asking you! Look in my next Post for more details.

Birthstones-this is just a little section that tells you all about your birth gem, from where it originated to how it gives you luck!
Blog Archive-this is where you can click the Drop-Down Menu and you'll see every month that I've blogged in and how many posts from that month.
About Me-this is just a short little sentence describing me!
A Survey- I'll always have a survey down there....remember to vote!!!