Friday, November 21, 2008

Additional Clique Language :]

Hey guys! What's up?
Somebody commented on my Clique Language post giving me some more that weren't on my list...and I love them! So here they are:

GLU: Girls Like Us
LBR: Loser Beyond Repair

Those were given to me by my friend, Jilly Bean...also, check out her site:



Jillllllly said...

heyyyy... i love how u have alot of the clique abreiveationss. uhmmm... nvm... i forgot wut i was gonna say... haahhahahahah im sooo smarticleeeee byee <333

Karina Beana said...

Ahha! That's ok, Jill
Thanks for the comment!
<3_Karina Beana

Jillllllly said...

i remember wut i was gonna say.. how do u talk to ppl without having to leave comments on their last post???