Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm sure youguys have heard of my best friend, Crystal. She gave me the link to the awesome meteor video down below. Anyways, since Friday, November 29 2008 (last Friday), we've been making a weekly magazine called Crystal and Karina's La Revue. "La Revue" is French for "Magazine". In it, includes weekly:

  • Song of the Week
  • Ask Shirley
  • Celebrity Pics
  • A Famous Quote
  • Shout-outs
  • ASPCA Section
  • Say What?
  • Best Pic
  • Poll
  • Crystal's Quote
  • Ads

Anyways, we have a blog for our most likely won't be posted on every day. It'll probably just be used for a "bulletin board" of when the magazine might be canceled/delayed or anything else like that. So, click here to get to our magazine blog!

Also, if you know either of us and would like to subscribe to our magazine, e-mail me at my blog e-mail,, and I will reply back to you from Crystal and my magazine e-mail.