Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Christmas Tree! (:

Hello, everybody, and happy upcoming holidays!

As you may have noticed, there is a Christmas tree at the top of my blog. (I hope you noticed at least, haha). Anyways, you can leave me gifts there. You can choose from some cartoon ones already made, or you can search others and get pictures of real ones. You can choose the box type/ribbon and color.
Also, on the wall in that room there is a calendar. Scroll over it and you will see the number of days left for Christmas! Or you can also do that by scrolling down and looking at "Christmas Countdown".
Another thing added is "My Snowglobe". All it is is a Snowglobe with a cute little snowman inside that you can click and shake.
Yet another thing! Ahhahhh. You may have noticed a little reindeer on my page too. That is my Page Pet that I named...Rudy! If you put your mouse under him he'll act like he's jumping off of it-and if you click his little Christmas Tree Cookie, he'll chase it!

All of these things I got from!