Saturday, January 31, 2009

Howling Wolves

Hey everybodyyyy!

My good friend, Becca, is insanely in love with she made a site, called Howling Wolves, and I'm co-owner! What you do is you create a wolf, name it, and put it in a pack or have it be a Lone Wolf. It's not an interactive pet where you can feed it and everything, but it's still fun. You can find mates, have puppies, and it might even become Alpha of the pack! So check it out and click, on the side of it, How to Join The Pack, and send your form in to the e-mail posted there. Or, if you want, you can send it into my blog e-mail,

The site is:

Hope you join!

Also, I'm working on a site that will be called 'News About Howling Wolves'. It will be where I give updates on what's happening with the wolves on the other site. More details coming soon.