Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tiny Bubblers!

Heyy everybody!
I know I haven't posted in SO long...I get kind of bored with it. I've also been busy with many things-school, Crystal and Karina's La Revue, and Tiny Bubblers!. What that is, is my own site!

Tiny Bubblers are creatures that you create and take care of. =D (That's our motto :] ) The creatures are cute, adorable, little pom-poms that I put eyes on...sounds boring, right? WAHH!! Wrongo! I set up a lot of contests-there's one going on right now-, they have rooms, you have Dobblers, you can buy them furniture, and moree!

So check it out and create a Tiny Bubbler today!

Here's the link :]]