Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Julian Beever

You may have heard of Julian Beever. He is an AH-mazing pavement drawer! Julian has been making pavement drawings for over ten years, and has worked all over the world. His drawings have included both drawings of masters, with a collection of original pieces of work. In my opinion, he's most famous for his anamorphic illusions, drawn at a special angle to create a 3-D picture. Here are some of his amaaaaaaaazing drawings!

Meet Mr. Frog:

Self-Portrait Of The Artist With Liquid Refreshment:

Let's be friends. This drawing was done in
Tokyo for the TV show 'Unbelievable' and
was a plea to Japan to appreciate the beauty
of living whales:

Swimming Pool in the High Street:

Politicians Meeting Their End:

Times Square in Times Square:

Batman and Robin to the Rescue!

Proud to be an American:

Aren't those awesome!? Those are all drawn on
flat pavement!! Wanna see even more, then go

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